Dino Dino no Mi, Model: Hatzegopteryx
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  • Full Form
Japanese Name: Unknown
English Name: Dino Dino Fruit, Model: Hatzegopteryx
Meaning: Dinosaur
First Appearance: Unknown
Type: Zoan
Eaten by: Cain from Cain and Abel the Twin Pistols

The Dino Dino no Mi, Model: Hatzegopteryx was eaten by Cain of the Cain and Abel twin gun pair. The Dino Dino no Mi, Model: Hatzegopteryx gives Cain the ability to transform in a full size relative of the large pterosaur.


The fruit looks like a light green banana with a curly pattern around it like all other devil fruits. The inside is a bright purple color with the curly lined pattern. The fruit looks abnormal and highly obvious that it is a Devil Fruit.

Strengths and weaknessesEdit

Just like all other zoan type Devil Fruits the Model: Hatzegopteryx allows the user to transform inot a full form or hybrid form pterosaur.

Three Forms:

original: The user is in his original form and has no special ability until transformation

Hybrid Form: The user can turn into a hybrid and probably the most skillful form. In the case of Cain He has many Hybrid forms determining where he wants his body to be on his original form.

Full Form: The user is a full Hatzegopteryx and is basically the animal. All the abilities of the animal is given to the user.

This Devil Fruits use is described on the Cain and Abel page where it explains the uses of the guns.

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