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Don Giovanni
Giovanni Profile
Japanese Name: ドン·ジョヴァンニ
Romanized Name: Don Joban'ni
English Name: Don Giovanni
First Appearance: ---
Affiliations: The Black Parade
Occupations: Pirate; Captain
Epithet: The Devil (悪魔 Akuma?)
Japanese VA: Iemasa Kayumi
Funi English VA: Kent Williams
Age: 50 (debut);
51 (after timeskip)
Birthday: June 15th
Height: 213.36 cm (7' 0")
Bounty: Bsymbol10520,000,000
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Tōyu Tōyu no Mi
English Name: Kerosene-Kerosene Fruit
Meaning: "Tōyu" is a japanese for kerosene.
Type: Logia

Giovann​i di Malaugurio, often referred as "Don", is a former World Noble, captain of the Black Parade. He is also an agent or broker of the criminal Underworld, where he operates under the alias "Black Heart".

His bounty is an amazing Bsymbol10520,000,000. He is also the consumer of the , which allows him to manifest hatred of himself or others and use it as a weapon against any form of opponent.


Giovanni Blackheart is a tall man, who slightly towers over those who are less then six feet tall.



Giovanni has a sick humor, finding pain and suffering hilarious and believing by possessing them, he is making his troops stronger in the long run. He also likes to hide in the dark, though it is unknown way. He also seems to get what he wants, whether it be by asking or force. He is quite the manipulator and speaker.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit



Giovanni is an amazing hand-to-hand combat fighter, able to hit Swift even going at great speeds. He also uses his Black Black fruit in some of his many moves. His punches though are not only about speed, but about dealing the most danger to his enemy. He also has a variety of kick moves, which he calls his "Black Heart Fighting Style". When it is more than likely an overly intelligent freestyled technique.

Devil FruitEdit

Main article: Kuro Kuro no Mi





Giovanni di Malaugurio is a descendant of one of the royal families that formed the World Government, but is unknown if they moved to Mariejois as Giovanni was still ruling from his throne of Ansho twenty-two years ago.

Lost Island (1)

Ansho, Twenty-two years ago.

He was not seen at Roger's execution, but he was seen conversing with Roger about something that he refused to mention it to the World Nobility, to which Roger asked to know what it was.

Two days after meeting with Roger, the World Government arrived to Ansho with "a quarter of the World Government Marines", as stated by Admiral Sengoku. When Giovanni attempted to gather answers, Sengoku revealed that his servants were actually Ciphor Pol and he knew of his conversation with the pirate King, Gold Roger, and that he was to be captured for treason.

In a desperate attempt to fight back, Giovanni consumed his family's thousand-year treasure and tried to defeat Sengoku. Unfortunately, his inability to understand it led to his quick downfall to Sengoku and he was arrested. Sengoku then revealed that his treason could not be noted to the rest of the world, as it would cause more unneeded anarchy and thus gave the orders to burn down Ansho and have all it's peoples captured and taken to Mariejois for "punishment".


  • Giovanni Blackheart is loosely based on Jolly Roger from the Pirates of the Carribbean Movies.

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