1. Genius Pirates ( captain )
  2. eyes - black
  3. Bounty - 44 000 000 $
  4. New World pirate
  5. Dream : conquer the entire world
  6. Age : 41

    Dr. Neo Cortex

" Some day the world will pay for that what he done to me ! "


Long time ago when he was young he was going to the academy of evil, in the academy everyone hate him becuse he was a real genius. He was allways dreaming about to create a crew of entelligance pirates of all the world, when he grow up he escape of the academy and he has start to become a pirate. His first bounty was 10 000 000 $ when he was young and starting to become a pirate but later his bounty was 44 000 000 $ thanks to his terror in the islands where he conquest and fighting the Marines.

Cortex when he was a child


In the atacks he allways use robots army or his pistols of x-ray.

Wantedposter 8

Dr. Neo Cortex bounty

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