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Drake Lockheart
Manga - Anime

Drake's sillhouette

Japanese Name: ドレイクロックハート
Romanized Name: Doreiku Rokkuhāto
English Name: Drake Lockheart
First Appearance: New Horizon! Chapter 4
Affiliations: The Skyline Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Blazing Maelstrom Division Commander
Epithet: Black Paladin (仙黒 Sen Kuro?);
Midnight Dragon (夜中竜 Yonaka Ryū?);
Armstrong (ストロング Sutorongu?);
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA:
Age: 37 (Debut)
39 (after timeskip)
Birthday: September 4th
Height: 220.98 cm (7'3")
Bounty: Bsymbol10???,???,???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Night King
English Name: Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Night King
Meaning: Dragon, Bahamut
Type: Mythical Zoan

"Joining the Skyline's is like riding a rollercoaster with a blindfold on, your just crapping yourself all the way through. But you still have the most fun possible in your life, Welcome to the Family."

- Drake Lockheart

Drake Lockheart (ドレイクロックハート Doreiku Rokkuhāto ?)is a former Guardian of Reef Island alongside his father Meka Lockheart since birth. Raised under the harsh training methods of Meka he was raised learning the legendary blade style of Dragon Hunting, said to be one of the strongest sword styles in the world. During his time as the Guardian of Reef Island he consumed the Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Night King and has progressed his mastership of it since.

He now randomly sail's the Grand Line , New World and the Four Blues, he is the 1st Mate of The Skyline Pirates underneath Nova Blade and the Division Commander of the Blazing Maelstrom Division. His Division ship is known as the Ryuujin and he has become a powerful ally to many. He is also one of the primary characters alongside Nova in the storyline called New Horizon!.


"This armour is a reminder of my promise to my family, It will never be removed until I have fulfilled my promise to them. Damaging it is like asking for your own execution. Taint it, And I will erase your existence."

- Drake Lockheart

He wears black armoured trousers that have white lining on the edges with black boots that have white lining also, he is casually seen without a top, However when in battle he is seen with the top half of his matching armour equipped to him. He also wears a black helmet on his head and always wears his black gauntlets that also have red lining on the edges. The armour plating itself is 3 inch steel plating, it takes tremendous force to even scratch such armour, and requires a tremendous amount of strength to even move in so much of it. Despite this his size tower's over the average human, he stands at 7 foot 3 inches and has an extremely muscular physique.

After the Time-Skip, His armour has become somewhat darker, as if it has been charred in some sort. The colored lining has become black and his armour appears more spikey. His cape appears to be black in the sillhouette but it does actually remain red. His size has not changed and nor has his physique, but his helmet is actually thinner.

(Note: Information on his Facial Features will be revealed during the Skyline War, They will be placed in once the Skyline War has ended. Stay tuned.)


Drake's sillhouette
Post Time-skip Sillhouette.
Drake (Front)
Drake Pre Time-skip.
Ice vs Drake
Ice's entry, Clashing with Drake.
Drake's Wanted Poster
Drake's Poster.
Drake Without helmet.
Drake's helmet removed after timeskip. Face still not properly visible.
Drake Night
Drake in the night.
Drake Offensive Stance Battle Damaged
Drakes armour damaged.
Drake Preparing
Drake preparing to duel Ice Blade.
Man behind the Mask.
Drake when putting on his helmet to face Meka for the first time.