The Drill Jaw Pirates were one of the most powerful pirates in the East Blue, led by their now ex captain Luuger. 10 years before the beginning of the series, th Drill Jaw Pirates took over Honey Dew City and established their own makeshift empire there. However, their iron rule was overthrown by the Dice Pirates 10 years later and some of them were sent to multiple isolated prisons while their captain was sent to Impel Down.

Jolly RodgerEdit

The symbol of the Drill Jaw Pirates is a giant drill with a sharp toothed smile and fin on it.

Crew MembersEdit

At the beginning of the story, the Drill Jaw Pirates consisted of dozens of members, two officers and their now ex-captain, Luuger. However, Luuger was captured and sent to Impel Down after being defeated by Dice, while the rest of the crew was able to escape.

After the timeskip, The Drill Jaw Pirates return with a new captain and new officers. In addition, the overall crew has grown significantly.

Crew Members
Ashura Snagg Muri Ohsuh
Former Members

Crew StrengthEdit

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