Drugu Drakon

Bakuman Eiji Niizuma by vonrakka
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: ?
Birthdate: 30th October
Height: 171cm
Weight: ?
Island of Origin:
Occupation: Artist, Captain
Epithet: The Green Flash
Crew: Dragon pirates
Position: Captain
Family: ?
Current Bounty: 250,000,000
Dream: To meet up with Maka once she fulfills her dream


He has short brown/red hair with the exception of his bangs. He has brown eyes and wears purple clothing. Sometimes, he wears sandals and maori type clothing.

Personality Edit

Drugu is very naive,but can also be very serious and calculating when he wants to.When he fights his personality completely changes to serious.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite bieng naive Drugu is a strong fighter mostly relying on calculations.His speed is renowned through the sea his speed is comparable to soru.

Devil fruitsEdit

Drugu has consumed the tatsu tatsu ni mi model:chinese dragon by transforming his speed greatly increases he can breath fire and he can control the weather.

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