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Eki Eki no Mi, Model: Doedicurus

Japanese Name: エキエキの実,モデル:ドエディクルス
English Name: Lizard Lizard Fruit, Model: Doedicurus
Meaning: Lizard; Doedicurus
Type: Zoan Ancient Zoan
Power: The user can become a full doedicurus or a doedicurus hybrid
Eaten By: No one
Story / Creator: Wyvern 0m3g4

The Lizard Lizard Fruit, Model: Doedicurus (エキエキの実,モデル:ドエディクルス Eki Eki no Mi, Moderu: Doedikurusu) is a class of Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit which grants its consumer the power to become an extinct species of armadillo-like creature, the doedicurus, or a doedicurus hybrid. So far, it seems no one has eaten it yet.


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The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.




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