Elran D. Hal

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Species: human
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: ???
Height: 6'5
Weight: 5'2
Island of Origin: ???
Occupation: marine

Epithet: "hal the hellhound"

Position: vice admiral
Family: none
Dream: to capture the alpharess pirates to prove his worthy of being an admiral
Page created by: highestbounty123


elran D hal is a brutal vice admiral who had found a legendary devil fuit that was to be a myth the dog dog fruit model hellhound


hal has black hair and black eye he wears a marine coat on his back a red jacket a blue shirt red pants and black shoes


hal has a very short temper he gets angered easely his soldiers are afraid of being under his command and prefer to be under vice admiral garps command instead

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

hal uses free style attacks with his devil fruit power

Physical StrengthEdit

hal has powerfull strength he is able of breaking a wall with one fist and his strength increases with his devil fruit power he can punch down an entire building


hal is prononced slow as a human but as a hellhound his extremly fast but cant dodge any attacks


hal cant get any physical damage because of his devil fruit power of healing his wounds with the flames of hell

Devil FruitEdit

dog dog fruit model hellhound

Type, mythical zoan

Usage the user gets complete controll of the flames of hell which has many uses he can heal his wounds turn certain parts of his body into flames for a short amount of time even when his human he can walk threw fire without being affected by the fire when the user is hybrid he has on head and when his full form he has all three heads and can turn his entire body into flames for a few minutes


hal believes that having friends would slow him down thats why he decides to not to be kind or bother with anyone


when hal was 13 he found out that the marines were searching for a devil fruit hal knew he had to find the devil fruit so that he would be respected by everyone and be able of becoming a marine admiral he secretly searched for the devil fruit without being found out by the marines when he found the devil fruit he ate it discovered its ability of becoming a hellhound and controlling the flames of hell after 30 years hal became a vice admiral and yet he is desperate of becoming an admiral he challenged the admiral akainu to battle him to show his more powerfull but yet he lost to the admiral akainu and when he found out about the alpharess pirates and there captains high bounty he believed that if he captures them he will be accepted as an admiral he is now still searching for the alpharess pirates

Major BattlesEdit

hal vs akainu (lost)


  • "do want to know what i am i am not a devil i am a hellhound"
  • "i will burn you to ashes with flames of hell"

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