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The Ferret Pirates are a small crew of fersome pirates. They sail the New World in their ship the Black Ferret. They are led by Captain Ferret, an unusual person who is known for his strange actions. The crews animal theme is that of a ferret.


  • Ferret- Captain, magician, necromancer, sorcerer, voodoo user</li>
  • Juogo- 1st mate, swordsman, martial artist, voodoo user</li>
  • Anna- 2nd mate, witch</li>
  • Helios- navigator, shaman</li>
  • Hannah- chef, witch</li>
  • Bec- assistant chef, priestess</li>
  • Johnathan- magician, shipwright</li>
  • Niccolo- magician, musician</li>
  • Sage- priestess, artist</li>
  • Abby- priestess, doctor</li>


    The Ferret Pirates were assembled during the War of the Best (aka the Battle of Marineford). Captain Ferret assembled his crew and set out to make the World Government fall. They have made a name for themselves by contantly plotting and attacking the World Government. Many navy and marine members have come to fear the Ferret Pirates due to their ruthlessness towards any person working for the World Government. The Ferret Pirates first stepped into the spotlight when they destoryed the G-3 marine base in the Grand Line. Since their first attack on the marine base they have constantly battered the World Government and have had their bounties rising constantly.


    1) All of the Ferret Pirates members are capable of useing some form of magic. 2) Each of the Ferret Pirates have a bounty over 100,000,000 belies 3) The Ferret Pirates members are all social misfits and outcast freaks. However, they have all come to love each other as a family. 4) They all enjoy having a good time and live every day as if it were their last.

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