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Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Gargoyle
Japanese Name: 龍龍の実, モデル:ガーゴイル
English Name: Dragon-Dragon Fruit Gargolye Type (Viz); Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Gargoyle (FUNimation)
Meaning: Dragon
First Appearance: Unknown
Type: Mythical Zoan
Eaten by: Jacko

The Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Gargoyle is a mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that was eaten by Jacko of the Angel Pirates.




A major strength is that it gives the user the ability to fly. It also gives the user a huge increase in strength, even for a Zoan-type. It also gives the user the ability to breathe fire.


The user suffers the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



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