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Garp vs. Akainu at Marineford

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Prediction by: Imhungry4444

this is wat probably would've happened if sengoku didnt stop garp from going at akainu after he had just killed ace. even though it is short, it probably would've been short considering their both marines.


Akainu:huh *turns around in surprise*

Garp:No kobushi ga kirai(fist of hate)

  • garp lands a clean right hook to akainus face*


  • akainu gets bolted back by the punch*

Akainu:So even the great hero couldnt resist*spits out blood*

Garp:SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!

  • garp lunges at akainu*

Garp:No kobushi ga kirai

Akainu:you are now considered as an enemy and a traitor

Akainu:DAI FUNKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from the sky, sengoku drops and buddha palms both garps and akainus fists*


Sengoku:Stop it or ill have you arrested

  • an explosion happens in the background*

Akainu:Hmp, i have other things to do than stay here and play with you old-timers

  • shoots off after jinbe who is carrying luffy*

Garp:COME BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sengoku:RESTRAIN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the vice-admirals attempt to restrain and cuff him*

Sengoku:your lucky your a hero, if it wasnt for your title i would've had you imprisoned by now

  • the battle of marineford continues on*

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