Gekido no Chikyu
Gekido no Chikyu

Gekido no Chikyu

Owned By: Britham D. Ryonel
Created By:
Technology: Shikomizue (Sword)
Known Number in Existence: 1
Fandom: MugiwaraDa2nd

Gekido no Chikyu (Blazing Earth) is one of two shikomizue that Ryonel uses for his Nitoryu.



While sheathed, Tenku no Koto looks like a bamboo stick. The overall length is 32 in or 0.81 m.

While unsheathed, only the the tsuba is a bamboo stick. The rest is just a curve, fine, sharpe single edge blade. The overall length is 30 in or 0.76 m.




Gekido no Chikyu and Tenku no Koto were forged together at the same time as twin swords.

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