George Claymore

George Claymore is the Shipwright of the Steel Rod Pirates. He is also the younger brother of Randall Claymore.


George is fairly short, hairy, and husky. He has a rectangular head with a cleft chin, short black hair with a widow's peak and sideburns. He wears a white tank top, green shorts and brown sandels. He is usually seen with a cigar in his mouth.


George is boisterous, foul mouthed, and overly confident. Being a shipwright he takes great pride in physical strength. Like his brother he has perfectionist tendancies, however, this only applies to his shipwright work. He is also very bossy when it comes to his brother, Randall, and always takes the lead between the two, even though he is the younger brother.

Abilities and PowersEdit

George has superhuman strength and thus often uses that in battle. He carries a bazooka in intense battles, but only seldom uses it as a gun, but rather uses it more as a club. However he also uses brass knuckles and his fists as his main weapon.

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