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Gil is the first mate of Crook Pirates and former head of the Military Division on Crooked Island.


Gil is a tall, thin, old man with short gray hair and sideburns. He always wears royal purple metal armor with lavender trim and some designs. He usually carries his sword on his back, so he is always at the ready. He is also very seldom seen smiling, unless around a young lady.


Gil has been a knight of the Military Division of Crooked Island for all of his adult life and acts as such. He fights for honor and glory, though is overall a gentle and kind person. He is a firm believer in chivalry and always places others ahead of himself.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gil has been trained in knighthood by the Military Division of Crooked Island for 20 years, and has been it's head for 15 years. He is a master swordsman, mostly with a two handed sword, and over the years has gained super strength and endurance.


Gil lived on Crooked Island and after years of being a soldier he advanced to become the head of the Military Division and a leading member of the Crooked Republic of Scholars. During one of their meetings, a new member, Dacre Rowe, took control of the Republic and forced all those opposed to his new ideals out. Gil, being one of them, was forced to resign. He and his old friend, B. T. Wellington, decided to temporarily leave the island, until they could find someone to help restore the island to it's former glory. They gather a group of their colleagues and assembled a crew, and set sail under the name of the Crook Pirates.

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