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Gin Followers
Japanese Name: ジンフォロワー
Romanized Name: Jinforowā
English Name: Gin Followers
First Appearance:
Affiliation: World
Occupations: Assassins, Rebellion Army, Bounty Hunters, Marines (undercover)
Leader: Gin Castle

Gin Followers is a secret group in the One Piece World. This Organization is ment to follow Gin Castle's ideals. The World Government doesn't know the followers in their own ranks.


Organization MembersEdit

Every member have made themselves well known. The first to bring the followers together was Gin Castle using his devil fruit powers on the weak minds in the Marines. He entire group been planing to follow Gin's orders and take control of the World Government. Gin Castle is the Leader of the group. Their are over 150 members, 9 are known.


Organization StrengthEdit

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