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This devil fruit was eaten by Cooper, one of the Revolutionary Commanders. It is a Logia that grants him the ability to create, manipulate, and become metallic alloy. This devil fruit was in full display when he fought Akainu in the Revolutionary war.


The user can make his entire body hard as steel or into liquid metal. With the ability to manipulate metal, the user can turn his or her body parts into different objects such as a gun or a sword. One may also use this ability to, when in touch with the object, manipulate a metallic object he or she is holding at the time. Such as when cooper manipulated the metal of his sword into a hammer.


As seen in his battle with Akainu, cooper was very vulnerable to heat, in this case Akainu's magma abilities.


Cooper uses his fruit power to turn either his sword or arms into weapons:

Alloy Hammer (Gōkin hanmā): Cooper used the metal of his saber and turned the blade of the saber into a giant metal hammer. He used this to smash Akainu but failed.

Dual Cannons (Dual Cannons): Cooper transformed both his arms into cannons and using his ability to also make metal, he created cannon balls inside the barrels. To fire them, since he didn't have black powder, cooper used his Busoshoku Haki to blast them out like regular cannons.

Allot Shield (Gōkin shīrudo): Cooper put both his hands together and transforming them into one giant shield as big as Cooper's body to completely shield him. Cooper used this while fighting Akainu to block his magma but the shield ended up melting instantly.

Alloy Bombard (Gōkin semetateru): Just like the dual cannons, Cooper made his hands into a cannon, but this time putting both hands together and forming one giant bombard. with this he was able to blast Akainu into pieces, but with Akainu reforming later.

Alloy Claymore (Gōkin kureimoa): Just like the shield and bombard, Cooper put both hands together but this time creating a massive sword, in this case a claymore. With this Cooper was able to clash with Akainu's magma sword but since it was metal, it melted.

Alloy Crossbow (Gōkin ishiyumi): With an arrow and a rope coming with the crossbow, Cooper was able to turn his entire right hand into a powerful crossbow.