Gonzo is the captain of the Gonzo Pirates. He is a major antagonist during the Dabloon Island Arc because he also wants the treasure that Jack is looking for.


Gonzo is a tall and slender man who wears simple clothes.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gonzo Strategize: Gonzo asseses the situation, allowing him to learn his opponent's moves

Gonzo Dodge: Gonzo leaps out of the way at lightning speed

Gonzo Surprise Camoflague: Gonzo hides, blending in to the surroundings

Gonzo Surprise Attack: Gonzo leaps from his hiding spot and attacks with karate)


Jack meets Gonzo before knowing his identity, and agrees to help him search for the treasure. After learning that he is a pirate captain, Jack still helps him because he only needs half the treasure. When the treasure is stolen by the Avalanche Pirates, Gonzo says he would rather see it destroyed than in the hands of Rocky, prompting Jack to fight and defeat him.

Major BattlesEdit

Gonzo vs. Jack

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