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Shirahama D. Swift
Japanese Name: スウィフト・D・白浜
Romanized Name: Hayai D. Shirahama
English Name: Shirahama D. Swift
First Appearance:  ???
Affiliations: Marines; Junishin
Occupations: Vice Admiral;
Epithet: Hachiko (ハチ公 Hachikō?)
Japanese VA:
Funi English VA:  ???
Age: 19 (Debut)
20(after timeskip)
Birthday: February 14th (Valentine's Day)
Height:  ???cm (5'7")
strong points:

Shirahama D. Swift, also known as "Hachiko" is a Marine Vice Admiral, and a member of the Junishin. She helped defend G-17 Marine Base against the pirate attacks to save Rafferty D. Swift.


Shirahama, when she was a young girl, appeared very happy. She had long black hair, as she still does and wore a sundress with sunflowers on it. Her eyes were much more open and optimistic then. They reveal to have become more slanted after the leaving of her father.

Shirahama is an above average height woman, roughly 6" 1', matching her brother's height. She has a very curveous figure with large breasts, along legs, and strong arms. Her hair now reaches down to her waist and her eyes have retained their slanted nature in her adulthood. 

When disguised, she wore a thick Vice Admiral's coat, with a hood mimicing a corgy that shrouded her eyes and upper face, as well as her long hair. As well as a black, sleeveless buttoned top with a short white and black patterned skirt, she is one of the few marine officers to wear one. She also wears thick, combat boots.

When not in disguise, she wears a shorter, officers jacket with no rank pins on the collar and now official shoulder padding of any kind.


Justice! It's the only thing that differs us from the monsters that we call "Pirates"

Hachiko, Vice Admiral of the World Govt.









Abilities and PowersEdit


Explosive Fist


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