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Henko Henko no Mi

Henko Henko no Mi

English Translation: Change Change Fruit

Type: Paramecia
Power: Shapeshifting
Eaten By: Roronoa Senshi
Story / Creator: Senshi-chan


The Henko Henko no Mi is a powerful Paramecia type that allows the user to manipulate their body into any form they wish. It was consumed by Roronoa Senshi.


A first glance, the Henko Henko no Mi resembles a bunch of multi-colored grapes. Each grape has a different taste and none of them taste like an actual grape. The stem was black and the vine was turquoise. In the dark, it looked like a regular batch of grapes.


This devil fruit allows the eater to manipulate their bodies to accommodate their needs. The eater gains the ability to regenerate body mass, change shape, size, density and shape-shift into any form they could think of. They can also alter their body to heal from just about any wounds, and even reattach any limbs lost in battle. 


The user suffers from Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses (i.e. Sea Prism Stone and the Ocean). Also, if the user is distracted, or is unable to react quickly enough, an attack can effect them. Also, busoshoku haki allows others to touch the user. In Senshi's case, her weak mental state makes it easy for her to lose focus and lose control over her transformations, reverting back to her original state


Senshi doesn't really use this fruit for attacks. However, when she is unable or unwilling to use her swords, Senshi resorts to her self-taught martial arts. She instinctively makes her limbs harder, thus giving her attacks more power.


Senshi's main form of defense is hardening her body in order to prevent an attack from hurting her.

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