Hito Hito No Mi Model: Yowie


Hito Hito No Mi Model: Yowie

Japanese Name:
English Name: Human Human Fruit Model Yowie
Meaning: Yowie

Mythical Zoan

Power: Transform into a Yowie and Yowie hybrid
Eaten By:
Story / Creator:





The user can transform into a yowie and a yowie hybrid. In addition, the user gains a sonic scream


The user has superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and speed. They have strong fingers and toes, they can use their razor sharp claws on their hands and feet to scale walls. They have thick fur all over their body. User also has great manual and pedal dexterity and can perform several complicated tasks using both hands and feet such as tying knots with their feet. User has long appendages that allow to them to walk on all fours. In addition, the user also has superhuman durability, (though they is very far from invulnerable) and enhanced senses such as night-vision and a sense of smell that can track a human. As a mythical zoan it also has an additional abilities. The user can project a ultrasonic scream powerful enough to shatter objects, disorient opponents and  even shatter bones.


The ultrasonic scream can't be used too quicky in succession or else the user will blow out their voice and will have to wait for it to heal.


  • Kemukujara no nakkuru (毛むくじゃらのナックル), literally meaning "Hairy Knuckle" Ryan throws a powerful Solid Beast, Iron Body, and Haki infused punch propelled by Shave
  • Kemukujara no nakkuru danmaku (毛むくじゃらのナックル弾幕), literally meaning "Hairy Knuckle Barrage" Ryan throws a Shave propelled barrage of Hairy Knuckles
  • Puraimaru gōon (プライマル轟音), literally meaning "Primal Roar" Ryan projects a devastating ultrasonic scream powerful enough to shatter objects and even shatter bones.
  • Puraimaru kotoba (プライマル言葉), literally meaning "Primal Word" a less powerful but more focused and accurate version of Primal Roar
  • Kemukujara no tsume (毛むくじゃらの爪), literally meaning "Hairy Claw" Ryan does a Shave propelled Storm Leg but uses his toes to separate the slash into four slashes (can be used close or long range)
  •  Puraimaru chōshū (プライマル聴衆), literally meaning "Primal Audience" Ryan produces ultrasonic scream that covers a wide area around Ryan
  • Kemukujara no ashi (毛むくじゃらの足), literally meaning "Hairy Feet" Ryan does a Hairy Knuckle but with both feet
  • Puraimaru konran (プライマル混乱), literally meaning "Primal Confusion" Ryan produces a weak ultrasonic sound that disorients
  • Kemukujara no hōdan (毛むくじゃらの砲弾), literally meaning "Hairy Cannonball" Ryan uses Shave and Skywalk to propel himself quickly through the air toward the target then curls and spins into a ball whilst adding Iron Body and Haki to himself
  • more to come....


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