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The Ikazuchi Pirates were once just a fairytale that was told to pirate children but one day the Ikazuchi pirates were formed by one man Ikazuchi Tsuki. He first started alone on one small ship and he slowly started gathering men that were near the grand line.


Captain:Ikazuchi Tsuki First mate:Atarashi Tsuki Doctor:Dr.Fang Pet:Yamashi(half wolf half dog) Archeaologist:Violet Rain Lookout:-Uknown- Assasin:-Uknown- Weapon expert:Zoru Nomago Several Other Unamed Pirates


Little is known about these pirates but little by little is being discoverd The only known thing is that the Ikazuchi Pirates were in the battle of Marineford


Bountys DEAD Or ALIVE Ikazuchi Tsuki:250,000,000 Atarashi Tsuki:164,000,000 Dr.Fang:25,000,000 Yamashi:10,000,000 Violet Rain:72,000,000 Zoru Nomago:91,000,000

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