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Inu Inu no mi

Model: Fenrir

Better Fenrir
Japanese Name: 犬犬
English Name: Dog Dog fruit Model: Fenrir
Meaning: Fenrir
Type: Mythological Zoan
Power: Turn into a Fenrir
Eaten By: Lupis Rex
Story / Creator: Senshi-chan


The Inu-Inu no mi Model: Fenrir is a Mythological Zoan type devil fruit. It allows the user to turn into a Fenrir. A Fenrir is a gigantic wolf the size of a large mansion. This fruit was eaten by Lupis Rex .


The fruit looked like a small water melon. it was silver on the outside with black streaks and was a bright red on the inside with pink seeds


This fruit is mostly used for hunting and fighting. the Fenrir is not very stealthy and is to large for thieving operations. The large size can be useful, because they can easily overpower their opponents


The Fenrir is large and has a large amount of strength. They are very tough and can regenerate, though at very slow rates..


Because of the Fenrir's large size, it is not fast, making it susceptible to traps and trip wires. The user also suffers from standard Devil fruit weaknesses.

Aside from these weaknesses, the Fenrir has a tendency to take a mind of its own. In the beginning, it came to life every night, destroying everything in its path. Rex cannot use his powers without the Fenrir rearing its head. Though the nighttime incidences are few and far between now, when Rex is angry, he unintentionally shifts into a Fenrir.


The usual attacks a Fenrir has, slashing, smashing, squishing, and eatin the enemy.

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