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Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Rottweiler

Japanese Name:
English Name: Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Rottweiler
Meaning: Dog, Rottweiler
Type: Zoan
Power: Allows the user to transform into a full or hybrid Rottweiler
Eaten By: Palatine Shuck
Story / Creator: Wyvern 0m3g4

The Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Rottweiler is a Zoan class Devil Fruit which bestows the ability upon the consumer to transform into a Rottweiler, or a Rottweiler hybrid. It was eaten by Palatine Shuck, the leader of Antithesis' Ghoul Branch.



The most basic function of the Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Rottweiler, is to allow the user to gain the same abilities and biological weaponry as that of a Rottweiler, including sharp claws and penetrating fangs, as well as the standard increase in sensory skills and physical strength.


Most notably, the greatest strengths of the Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Rottweiler are as stated above; the fact that the user gains sharp claws and fangs to use for cutting and slashing away at opponents, as well as enhanced senses and physical attributes. Thanks to the Devil Fruit, users will have their senses of smell and hearing upgraded while transformed, more so than any other of their other senses; making for great tracking abilities when needed. Additionally, the strength and speed output given to this Devil Fruit's user is decent enough to allow them to break through walls of stone or wood, among other things, as well as to catch up to people or objects that may be running at around 30 - 60 MPH.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. As with other Dog Dog Fruit Devil Fruits, the user will also gain a severe weakness to sensory oversensitivity while transformed, notably in the smell and hearing categories. A strong enough smell or sound can cause anything from mild headaches, to outright unconciousness, and everything in between. Extreme caution is advised to those who use this Devil Fruit while up against a person or object that emits large and/or powerful amounts of smell and sound.



External LinksEdit

Rottweiler - The breed of dog that this Devil Fruit was based on

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