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Island's Name
Isle of Unkown
Japanese Name:
English Name: Isle of Unkown
Region: Grand Line


Is a made up of 4 towns and one kingdom in the center surrounded by the isle's military government to protect the kingdom.


The island was founded by Unkown Zeplin a explorer searching for gold and found nothing but he did find good crops and became rich later in life when people came to the isle.He hired mercanaries to clear the land and build a house for him which expanded into a castle and 4 smaller towns. The people who were former pirates or people that wanted to start fresh came and decided later in life to have there own government and military.


The island is mostly forest separating everything towns from other towns and the kingdom from the rest of the island.


Each town has a different theme:
Sabaody Park

Carnival town

  • The first has a carnival theme.
  • The second a club theme.
  • The third a english settlement.
  • The fourth has a tavern theme .



The kingdom of Unkown rules the island. It is ruled by King Unkown Timithoy Zepiln the VI who has complete control of the island and is not to be ignored otherwise it is beheading.


Unkown Zeplin the I - king Unkown Zeplin the II - king Unkown Zeplin the III - king

Unkown Alexander Stewart Zeplin the IV - king Unkown Matthew James Leonardo Zeplin the V - king Unkown Timithoy Zeplin the - king


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