Itachi Itachi no Mi

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Japanese Name: 鼬鼬の実
English Name: Weasel-Weasel Fruit
Meaning: Weasel


Power: To transform partially or fully into a weasel
Eaten By:

Mizumau Shiroka

Story / Creator: Roronoa Senshi

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Itachi Itachi no Mi (lit. Weasel-Weasel Fruit) is a Zoan-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform partially or fully into a weasel. It was eaten by Mizumau Shiroka.


Itachi Itachi no Mi looks like a striped light brown egg with yellow swirls.


This fruit was originally fed to Shiroka to amuse Saint Augustus as a slave, at the same time Jane Rose was fed her devil fruit . He would chase her around and try to hit her with a hammer for target practice. After she was resuced by Senshi, she now uses it to fight pirates and revolutionaries along with her sister, Aoka.


Shiroka is very good at burrowing and digging tunnels. She is also very flexible and very fast.


Shiroka suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


Shiroka mostly uses her fans in a fight instead of her powers, though she will use her claws to attack and her flexibility to avoid attacks

  • Kamaitachi- This is her signature attack. She would transform into a weasel hybrid and create a big gust of wind from her claws which would shred anything in its path.


  • Shiroka was forcefed this by her owner when she first became a slave.

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