Jaden FreedomEdit

Age 15
Birthday October 7
Height 1.60m
Weight 60kg
Gender male
Species Human
Origin Dock veiw
Occpation Pirate
Crew Moon pirate
Position First mate
Bounty 1,000,00
Family Unknown


Jaden has a free spirt kind of personlity he not very bight


Jaden was 4 when he was walking pass a jail cell and saw a girl lock in one so he help pick the lock and helped her get out of Dock veiw.

When he was 12 he was wanted along with his best friend Luna for stealing thing like food and cothes.When he was 14 he helped Luna steal a ship after he said that they should call it the moon's heart

When Jaden and Luna went to Rock cover and cross paths with some gurds Jaden got cocky and got hit which lead Luna to get hit so they lost the fight.Jaden came to that mroning he recover more quickly then Luna he wait for Luna to wake up that hopeing she was ok

Abilites and powers:Edit

Jaden has no abilites or powers


Jaden use a sword that he carrys on his back the sword is made shinny goyte metal which strong metal and really hard to break the handle is red


Jaden is fairly skill in combat



Luna Rogue

Jaden is Luna best friend they work well with each

Dr. Lancelot

Rose Flora


Chaos Dragon

Zero Bec

Dusk Dawn

Alex Gadget

Sliver Shiny

Yuma Cage


To be known as the greatest pirate ever to live\Jaden awalys wanted to be pirate and known as the greatest pirate to live


Jaden bounty is 1,000,000 this is because he helped Luna steal a ship


Jaden has short brown hair with brown eyes white skin a red jacket a black top with short slevees and black pants with his sword on his back.


  1. He knows how to pick locks
  2. He is not very smart
  3. it's unknown if Jaden has or had a cursh on Luna
  4. it's unknown if Jaden and Luna are going out in anyway

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