Jmes.D.Stroyer is a pirate and leader of the legend pirate crew.


He is a sleek, tall man with long flowing, black hair which floats and glows when his emotions fuse with his power. He is often seen in a dark black coat when travelling and a blazer when fighting, black skinny jeans and shined to perfection shoes.


James is a cool calm character and often cold towards those he cares about. He has no trouble showing rage but feelings such as joy or grief. On the inside however he is a different person entirely a nice friendly soul the name James the Destroyer came completely from a misunderstanding of his name. The idea of being a cold ruthless pirate got to his head and only his crew know the truth behind his name and personality.


For James enemies come easy, friends not so much. Getting close to him is very difficult and even when you do it does not change the relationship much. The only people that he can open up to are his sister and his crew.

Abilities and powersEdit


The prowess he shows with his signature knives is amazing he is so strong with the he defeated many master swordsmen and he has gotten this way without proper training.

Devil FruitEdit

main article:Luna Luna fruit


His past is shrouded in mystery.


  • You were a fool to challenge me.
  • Crew take the honor of this pathetic excuse for a pirate crew.
  • Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that is why they call it the present.


None yet

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