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Age: 27

Species: Human
Blood type: AB Negative
Birthdate: 6/1
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 145 lb
Island of Origin: Hach Isle's (Sanraizu Isle)
Occupation: Swordsman


  • Armed Tsunami
Crew: Shiai Pirates
Position: 3rd Swordsman
Family: (Orphen)
Current Bounty: Bsymbol 7,100,000

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol 6,900,000

Reason: Sliced a man into pieces

Dream: riding the worlds biggest wave
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Ju was born amonst the Hach isle's a group of islands that are seperated by very little water. Ju was raised on Sanraizu Isle in an Orphenage Ju Had but 2 hobbies Swordsmanship and Surfing soon when he met a man who could use 10 swords at once Ju was taught how to use 10 swords then he set of to the other 9 islands were he made swords on each isle then returned home to be rewarded by his master a 10th sword he then met Boruto and the other Shiai pirates 2 years later. He still has the dream of being the worlds most awsome surfer.


Ju is very Religous before every battle he'd pray and hewould demand his opponent to pray to or have his dead corpse dragged to hell.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Ju can use 10 sword by bending each. It sort of looks like claws that go down the hand.


Ju has 10 weopans with various names

  • Sora
  • Chon
  • Nestu
  • Tokestu
  • Umi
  • Kobustu
  • Yorokobi
  • Kon'non
  • Sansetto
  • Sanraizu


A Slideshow of Ju's moves he can use by using any number of his swords using (number)toryuu,


Crew Shiai Pirates

Allies/ FriendsEdit

Boruto, Utushi, Dog, Leon


non yet


  • Ju gets his name for having 10 swords.
  • Ju's swords are named after opposites.

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