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Spark D. Kain
Japanese Name: ケイン
Romanized Name: Kein
English Name: Kain
Debut: Dark Night!! The Grand Martial Arts Tournament Part 2
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Commodore; Marine Captain (former)
Epithet: The Legacy (レガシー Regashī?); Kind Hearted (カインドハーテッド Kaindo Hāteddo?)
Age: 19 (Debut);
21 (After Timeskip)
Status: Alive
Birthday: June 20th
Height: 175.2cm (5'9")
Japanese VA: KENN
Funi English VA: Jason Liebrecht
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Misshu Misshu no Mi
English Name: Dense-Dense Fruit
Meaning: Tough Skin
Type: Paramecia

Kain is a Marine Commodore and is the adopted son of Spark D. Jon. He first appeared fighting against Sulfur in a fighting tournament on Unknown Island.


He wears a long white sleeveless jacket. Long black pants and shoes. Also he has a snow flake tattoo on his back.


He is very competitive, but cares for the Spark Family. He would like to win at almost everything. After the time skip, thanks to his devil fruit, he has a thirst for battle. Instead of finishing his fights, he would enjoy them until his opponent is dead or someone stops him.


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