Kana Kana no Mi

Kana Kana No Mi
Japanese Name:

Kana Kana no Mi

English Name:
Meaning: Harpy-Harpy Fruit
Type: Mythical Zoan
Power: To transfrom partially or fully into a Harpy
Eaten By:Payton D.Ice
Story / Creator:


The Kana Kana no Mi allows its user to turn themself into a harpy at will and are able to fly and grow claws. There are three forms to this fruit as with all zoan: full harpy, human, and hybird. This fruit is eatern by Payton D.Ice of the Pudge Pirates. She has a very level of mastery over her abilites to th point that she has mastered the use of partial transformations meaning that she is able to mix her forms up to give her the best combinations possible an example of this would be that when she is seen fighting swords men, she turns her fingers into talons so that she has a form of weapon.


The Kana Kana no Mi has a shape of a wing.


Used by Payton D.Ice to grate effect


This fruit gives the user the abilty to fly and grow claws.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.