Karas is the younger brother of Kalas and like his brother is one of the founding members of the Demon's Run Pirates, he was the first mate with his brother being the captain. Untill his brother was killed by Fleet Admiral Akainu in a trap set up by Akainu and a member of their crew, Bishop.

After his brother's death, Karas has focused on gaining a stronger and more loyal crew to take on the marine HQ and kill Akainu to get revenge for his brother and father.

He has also gained the power of a Devil Fruit, Tatsu Tatsu no mi, Model Zmey Gorynych.


Karas is in many was identical to his brother in looks. However his hair is a lighter colour.

He used to dress very casual with a flowery shirt and shorts being his common outfit. After his brothers death however, he started wearing more formal clothes, usually a black suit.


He was a lot more led back than his brother and joked around with the rest of the crew. However he has become a lot more serious and his only concern is defeating Akainu.


Abilities and PowersEdit


Like his brother with swords, Karas was trained by his father in the use of almost every gun possible and became a professional marksmen.


Karas keeps a rifle and two pistols on him at all times.


Like his brother he learn't Haki at a young age and mastered all forms at the age of 16.

Major BattlesEdit

Karas vs Mr 12 (Won)

Kalas, Karas, Scarecrow and Jinx vs Bartholomew Kuma (Lost)

Kalas, Karas and Angel vs Vice Admiral Dixon and marines (Won)

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