The Kiri-Nodachi (literally: Mist Field Sword) is the sword used by John Jango De Triezieme. It was fed the Oni Oni no mi model:sea devil, a Mythical Zoan fruit.


The Kiri-Nodachi is a huge, black bladed sword. As its name implies, it is a nodachi, extremely long, and intended for fighting in open space (although it can be used under other circumstances due to Jango's strength and its devil fruit abilities) . Its blade is black, with an indigo-blue coloured edge, and a stylised crimson emblem near the guard. The guard features a stylised shape based on a pair of fins (but resembles wings unless examined closely), and a crystaline shard is built into the base of the pomel. The sword's sheath, also black coloured, is plain and unadorned, save for a stylised shape similar to a pattern of veins, which runs all the way up both sides of the sheath. The end of the sheath comes to a slight point, which is occaisonally stabbed into the ground to hold the sword when it isn't being used it to fight. Jango usually carries it over his left shoulder, with the upper half of the hilt and handle resting next to his wing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Kiri-Nodachi is an exceptionally fine sword made by the Shandian Exiles. Like all Shandian swords the blade as a subtley different design, which allows it to displace more air when wielded in certain ways. This makes it more suited to Shandian Tentoryu, which often relies on Flying Slash techniques. Nevertheless, it's cutting ability is still greater than average. It's quality was shown when it was used against Nova Blade, when it easily sliced through the much heavier Revolutionary Titan sword he was using.

Having been fed the Oni Oni no mi, model: Sea Devil, the sword is now able to transform, either partially or fully, into a sea devil. This arms with with powerful claws, tentacles, and a degree of intelligence. This was orriginally a severe weakness for John Jango, as it refused to be controlled, and repeatedly attempted to kill anyone it was wielded against, and often continuing to attack bystanders afterwards. John eventually managed to regain control of it, but even now prefers to use it as a conventional sword, rather than using it's transformative abilities. However, he has found that by exploiting it's sea-devil form's semi amourphous nature, he can sometimes transform the blade into other weapons, giving him a wide range of possible attacks.


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