L. Dion is a man of mystery whose stories are told in so many different ways no one knows the true story. Very few people actually met this him, often saying they're good friends with him, though some are say they swore vengence. The only things known is what to be said.


L.Dion is a said to be a man in his mid 20s. He was often seen wearing bandages covering all the skin on his face. His eyes are were said to change, other times he just has gray eyes, his hair would seem blond or brunette, often trimmed short. He's seen dressed in simple clothing, a plane shirt with brown vest and pants, along with a grey trench coat and several belts. People say this form may be his original form.

skills and powersEdit

shape shiftingEdit

He has consumed a devil fruit that allows his body to shape shift to anyone else except thier original self.


Seems to do best in duels. Trained enough to read his opponents moves and often improvises. Skilled highly and equally with any type of sword, including unorthadox bladesEdit


Rumored to have never missed his target, often uses a rifle, but known to use a pistol.

Hand to hand combatEdit

Uses an improvise fighting style that seems to constanly change from different styles


Physical strengthEdit

just above average.

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