Ship's Name
"Laughing Eeggie"
Japanese Name: Warai rejī
English Name: Laughing Reggie

Alpharess Pirates

the "Laughing Reggie" is the Alpharess Pirates ship which they got from Kronen when he joined the crew the "laughing reggie" was originally kronens old marine ship that he kept for himself

Ship Design and AppearanceEdit

The Laughing Reggie was first a galleon type marine ship having the same blue and green colors, Now it has a brown color and it got alot of more improvement making it better then a normal marine ship.

The ship has about enough rooms for 50 people, There is one large Gym where the crew members can train, A kitchen that has a table for the crew members and an extra table for guests, The kitchens fridge has a lock on it so that no one would try and steal food from them.

Jackie had build a powerfull cannon that took him two years to build leading to the timeskip that the cannon was finished and ready for use, The cannon is very powerfull and detailed for power as it took it two years two complete the cannon.

The cannon still doesnt have a name but is still used, The cannon runs on a few things used for fuel which makes using the cannon for emergencies only, It is fueled by 20% of silver, 7% of valuable rubies, 23% of cole, 15% of crashed glass and finaly 35% of an unknown material that Jackie made by himself which is a black liquid.

Once all the materials are ready they are all mixed together to fuel the cannons shot, The cannon is hidden within the figuerheads mouth which opens and lets out the cannon, The cannon has an apearance of a simple cannon but once its fires it releases a huge blast that can obliterate one battleship and half of another, Yet because of the powerfull blast from the cannon it releases an impact which would send the ship flying backwards in high speed sending it far away that could be used for an escape plan as well.

Figurehead, Helm, and AnchorsEdit

The ships figurehead is a smiling hyena with its eyes closed the ships helm is a wheel the ships has one anchor

Men's and Women's QuartersEdit

Each crew member has there own room with each of them designning the room any way they like to.


The Laughing Reggie was originally a marine ship used by kronen before he was kicked out he kept the ship for himself and when he joined ivans crew he decided the laughing reggie should be there ship the ship went through many bad weathers and battles against marine ships it is unknown who built it but Jackie was the one who repaired it and made it better then before.

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