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Age: 30
Species: Human
Blood type: A Positive
Birthdate: 3/4
Height: 5.8 ft
Weight: 143 lb.
Island of Origin: Whiskey Peak
Occupation: Crew member, Warrior



The Ultimate Criminal

Crew: Shiai Pirates
Position: Crew member

Family: Parents deceased, Only child

Current Bounty:

Bsymbol 9,000,000

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol 800,000

Reason: Sinking Ship and escaping Jail

Dream: (no dreams)

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Lok was born in a village built around a marine base. When Lok's parents both passed away the marines took him in ans trained him to be a marine soldier aginst his will. when Lok turned 26 he was promoted oversees to fight pirates as an elite codenamed "I". Unfortunatly the ship completely rebeled and Lok was captured by the marines for helping, but Lok really didn't in the first place. Leon was a prisoner on a marine Ship headed for an execution platform but Lok escaped, sunk the ship and accidently stole a weopan. The weopan was called a "Fake Force" a weopan that makes a persons fighting ability stronger. Lok took the Bladester a gun with a sword attached. Lok soon became imfamous and so he met Boruto and joined the Shiai Pirates.


Lok has messy hair, wears red and black pants. Lok also is shirtless. Lok wears a Key around his neck and a Chain and Ball around his ankle


Lok is very matur and quiet

Abilities and PowersEdit


Lok is very good with his sword.


Lok is very good with his gun

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Lok trained almost his entire life with hand to hand combat, and still does today

Physical StrengthEdit

Lok dosn't look like it but he is very strong.


Lok move extremely fast.


Lok dosn't bruse or bleed easily




Shiai Pirates


Lok is part of the Shhiai Pirates


Lok's parents are decaesed

Allies/ FriendsEdit

Lonk claims he doesn't have friends.

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