Lord Dorian is the leader of the very powerful organization know as the "Society of Darkness". He acts very cowardly though in truth he is very powerful. He is quite lazy as he would rather have his men carry him to a table only 10ft away than walk there himself and, he prefers to let his men do all of his work for him rather than getting involved himself and only does so when absolutely necessary.

His is selfish and purely evil his only intentions are world domination and money. He cares very little about his comrades is is very manipulative.


Lord Dorian is a tall man with long black hair reaching down to his waist. He wears a black cloak like all the members of his organization although his is more decorated with a gold chain around the waist and a fur lined collar.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is very skilled in close combat although he doesn't like to fight himself. He is the leader of a massive organization and as such he has authority over all of them' he even created a religion around the organization. He is very intelligent and manipulative and also, a very skilled swordsman. He uses twin sea stone katanas with shock dials embedded in the handles allowing electricity to be channeled through them. He possess superhuman strength able to lift and throw boulders many times his own size and also has superhuman speed which is on par with that of rokushiki users, he is also capable of using haki.

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