Luna RogueEdit

Age 15
Birthday June 14
Height 1.45m
Weight 55kg
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin Dock veiw
Occupation Pirate
Crew Moon pirates
Position Captain
Bounty 2,000,000
Family Morther(Dead) Farther(Dead)


Luna is cool, calm and quick-witted most of the time. She knows when to back down from a challenge and she always does her best to look after her crew.


Luna Morther died when she was born.When she was four her her farther was frame for killing one of the gurds in the eilte focre and stealing all money so he was hanged.After that Luna was thrown in a jail cell that night a boy walk pass the cell and pick the lock for her and then helped her get out of dock veiw.

By the time Luna was 12 her and her best friend Jaden Freedom was wanted not for much then it more because of her stealing.When she was 14 Luna along with Jaden stole a ship and call it the Moon's Heart.

When they were heading to Rock cover Luna head the Ship behind some huge rocks when Luna and Jaden got their the gurds try to fight them Luna was doing ok until she saw Jaden get hurt.Then she fainted and then when she came to she was being helped by a nurse call Rose Flora and a Dr call Dr.Lancelot

Abilitys and powersEdit

Luna has only one Ability and thats to see into the past or furture but she has no idea when it's going to happen


Luna weapon is a sword she wears it it on her left side the sword is made from Shinny goyte metal and really hard to break the handle is Blue

Combat skills:Edit

Luna is fairly skill in combat



Jaden Freedom:

Jaden is Luna best friend they get along well.

Dr. Lancelot

Rose Flora


Chaos Dragon

Zero Bec

Dusk Dawn

Alex Gaget

Silver Shiny

Yuma Cage


To find the person who framed her farther\Luna belives her farther was freamed so the person who did it would not die her farther last words to her "I will awalys love you"


Luna bounty is 2,000,000 this is because she stole a ship


Luna has Silver short hair with purple eyes and white skin she wears a white top with short sleeves and a black tie and then a belt with her sword on the left side and black pants.


  1. It is unknown if Luna has or had a cursh on Jaden
  2. It is unknown if Luna and Jaden are going out in any way


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