Luuger is a Megalodon shark fishman and the former captain of the Drill Jaw Pirates. He first appeared as the self-proclaimed ruler of Honey Dew City but was defeated by the Dice Pirates and was locked away in Level 3 of Impel Down. At some point during the timeskip, Luuger managed to escape the prison, and began tracking down the rest of his crew in order to gain revenge on the Dice Pirates. After months of searching, he finally discovered them, but his crew's new captain, Asura, easily defeated him and left him to die on the ocean where he was found by the Dice Pirates. Dice's crew nursed him back to health, believing himself indebted to the crew Luuger resolved to help them fix their ship and take them to the Fishman Island, seeing as he lacked a boat and he wanted to repay them. He soon proved his capable abilities as a Shipwright. After the crew defeated the New Drill Jaw Pirates outside of Fishman Island, Luuger was made the Dice Pirates Shipwright.


As a fishman, Luuger posesses the standard features of someone his species; gills, blue skin, and webbed fingers and toes. He is incredibly tall, even by fismen standards.He has long and feral black hair that reaches down to his lower back, a pronounced nose, large jaws, and a very muscular upper body. His attire prior to the timeskip consisted of a white tanktop, a gold chain necklace, brass knuckles on both hands, sandals and dark brown capri shorts.

After the timeskip, he keeps his gold chain and sandals, but gains a white hoodie with red pinstripes on the sleeves, a set of headphones around his neck, a red beanie cap and dark grey shorts.



At the beginning, Luuger displayed a similar attitude to Arlong and Hordy Jones. Being raised around other fishmen pirates, he was taught to hate humans and all their creations. He discriminated against all non fishmen, and saw them as lesser beings. However, he always treated his fellow fishmen with great respect and loyalty. After the timeskip, he caught up with and was beaten by his old crew and was found by the Dice Pirates. To his surprise he was nursed back to help by his old enemies and to return the favor, he helped rebuild their ship. During his time with them, he began to like being around humans. Also, he has a great interest in the making of ships and was the Captain and Shipwright of the Drill Jaw Pirates. He enjoys working with his hands and has a great respect for tools and equipment. Luuger also dislikes being indebted to anyone and likes to settle his debts quickly.


Drill Jaw Pirates: Before and even after the timeskip, Luuger maintains a great respect for his crewmates, despite turning his back on his anti-human ways. However, his past crew takes his change of heart as a sign of betrayl.

The Dice Pirates: Before the timeskip, Luuger despised the crew for destroying his stranglehold over Honey Dew City, and at the beginning of the timeskip, he still harbors this bitter hatred. However, after the Dice Pirates rescue him, he repays them by helping rebuild their ship and begins to enjoy his time with them. Soon after, he accepts Dice's offer to join, and now has great respect and admiration for his new found crew.

Fishmen: Luuger has always maintined a love and respect for his own race and will do anything to protect their legacy and heritage.


At the beginning of their adventures, Luuger was one of Dice's most formidable opponents. He could easily break through concrete walls and lift houses over his head. He was able to withstand multiple bullets and even catch a cannon ball with his hand.

After the timeskip, Luuger has become far more powerful. He has been shown to be able to destroy a Pacifista and even keep up with Kifer and Dice when he caught up to them.

Physical StrengthEdit

Being a fishman, Luuger naturally possesess 10x the strength of the average man and being the captain of a crew, it is possible his strength even exceeds that. He has been shown to lift buildings over his head and crush concrete with a single punch.

After his escape from Impel Down 2 years later, it is shown that Luuger's raw power has grown considerably. While before he would be useless against the forces of Impel Down, now he was able to break out rather easily.

Hand-to-Hand CombatEdit

Luuger has superb fighting abilites and is one of the physically strongest of the Dice Pirates. Before his imprisonment, Luuger was able to easily defeat a fleet of Marines and take on Dice during their fight in Honey Dew City.


Luuger's speed is far beyond the scope of normal people. Even above land, Luuger is able to out manouver bullets and arrows. Naturally being a fishman, Luuger's speed is doubled underwater.


As a fishman, Luuger's skin is much thicker than a normal human, thus giving him a far greater pain tolerance. He has been shown to take Dice's Knuckle Duster and Full House in succession with little injury.

Since his transfer to Impel Down, Luuger's pain threshold has grown even greater. When he caught up with the Dice Pirates he was able to withstand a cannon ball to the stomach with only a few scratches.


Since his childhood, Luuger has enjoyed building toy ships and prior to the creation of the Drill Jaw Pirates he built ships for the people of his home town. While on the sea, he is constantly checking on the hull of the ship and even enjoys staying beneath deck and enjoying the silence. In fact, his shipwright skills are what brought him into the Dice Pirates. He was able to fix their ship, after a battle with the Marines, days before the rest of the crew could.


(Pre Timeskip)Edit

  • Water Bullet- Luuger takes a drop of water and throws it with such force it is like a bullet.
  • Fang Torpedo- Luuger rushes towards his opponent and attempts to bite them.

Major BattlesEdit

(Pre Timeskip)Edit

  • Bodyguard Regy (Won)
  • Dice D. Rool (Lost)

(Post Timeskip)Edit

  • Blue Gorrilas (Won)
  • Asura (Lost)

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