Mapuche ahs dark skin,black hair, and is dressed in a blue elaborate Incan cloth. He aslo has an Incan battle head-band without any shoes. The most significant thing in Mapuches appearance is the massive and long club that he carries with him all them time


Mapuche is very mystical, his attitude is similar to that of Basil Hawkins or Trafalgar Law. He is always talking about fate and destiny but never backs donw from a fight.

Abilites and PowersEdit

Mapuche is a new generation supernova. He has been seen being able to hold back multiple marines at shabondy by himself alone.


Mapuches club is his primary weapon and he is very proficient with it. It was shown at sabondy that he can take out or hold back multiple marines with it, with just one swipe. It is very much like a staff, very long, but with a club like end. Mapuche can use this for a power swing or multiple speed swings.


Much like Whitebeard, Mpauche use his haki to embue his weapon with it. The haki that he is mainly known to use is Busoshoku haki, while he has also bee nseen using Kenbunshoku haki to spot multiple marines or pirates from a distance.


Mapuche isnt known to communicate with other people especially the other supernovas besides his crew.


The marines dont seem to be much of a threat in Mapuches eyes and he sees them as nothing but nuisances. He is also not afraid to fight them even is a heavly populated marine area.


Not much is known about Mapuches history other than him living on a Jungle island and living in an Incan like tribe. For some reason he left his tribe with multiple warriors. It turns out the chief of the tribe reported this to the marines and told them he would pay them hansomly in gold if he was bought back alive, thus giving him his current bounty. Over the year or piracy mapuche has given himself a reputation for plundering heaveley marine poplulated areas.


Once he reached Sabony he met up wit the other supernovas and watched their every move to "get an idea of the future enemy". Sonner or later one of the reckless supernovas started a huge ruckas and ended up putting the entire archipelago into a frenzy. Mapuche and his crew foguth numerous marines and easily defeated them. For that reason when he tried to leave the archipelago, and go to the new world he was surrounded by navy ships and decided to go down fiighting if this was his fate. Before the battle started one of he other supernovas ended up helping him and they both easily defeated the marines ships, with both parting ways into the new world

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