Personality and Relationships

Marcus Soarian

Soarian post time skip

Post time skip apearance

Age: 19 Pre time skip

AGE: 21 post time skip

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: O+
Birthdate: Oct, 25
Height: 6 ft 5 in
Island of Origin: Majora Island
Occupation: Master Craftsman
Epithet: 1000 Forms
Crew: Masked Pirates
Position: Captain
Family: Arilius

Bounty: Bsymbol 625,000,000

Reason: Defeating Shade D. Evil

Dream: Let people decide what they want to be.


Marcus is known to have a high intelligence level a d is known to be unfazed by troubling news. Due to his carefree attitude, he is sometimes not fully aware of how serious situations can be. He is known to try to feed animals, even dangerous ones that could easily kill him. He sometimes completely ignores some people, even at the cost of missing valuable information. Due to his arrogance, he is known to surprise people when he shows how intelligent he really is.



  • Arilius


  • Watarara
  • Rouru Tribe
  • Plume
  • Sharon
  • Shango
  • Benigan
  • Romulous


  • Raion
  • Golden Pirates
  • Psycho
  • Apex Terror Pirates
  • Shade D. Evil
  • 2nd God

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