The Masked Pirates are a crew ran by their captain Marcus Soarian. They ride on their ship, " Libertà Di Forma," and came from the Grand Line. Their flag has a smiling mask with crossbones beneath it.

Crew StrengthEdit

Total bounty: 393,000,000 Belli


Marcus Soarian - Captain - 105,000,000 Belli
Plume - Sniper - 75,000,000 Belli
Shango - Navigator - 60,000,000 Belli
Benigan - Doctor - 65,000,000 Belli
Sharon - Cook - 88,000,000 Belli
Romulous - Warrior - None
Arilius - Pet


Libertà di forma

Relationships Edit

The Masked Pirate's captain, Marcus Soarian, had a duel with Guddu Rakku on Ever Jade Island.


The goal is to be the strongest pirate crew in the world with the pirate king as the captain.

Locations Visited Edit

Water 7
Ever Jade Island

History Edit


  • All of the crewmembers that have transformed into animal anthros have never wanted to turn back.

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