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Megalo & Don
  • Oh Bloody Hell!
Japanese Name: 大牙と鮫
Romanized Name: Megalo to Don
English Name: Megalo & Don
Literal Meaning: Big Fanged Shark or Megalodon
Price: N/A
Owner(s): Psycho
Grade: N/A
Weapon type: Butcher Knives


Two large cleavers with red blade edges and each knife weights 3 tons. He named them Megalo and Don as a tribute to the C. Megalodon, the largest shark in all of existence. As so, he had carved the kanjis , 大牙鮫, on the left side of the cleavers, which mean Big Fanged Shark or Megalodon. The one with 大牙 is Megalo and the one with 鮫 is Don. Due to all of the human blood that the knives collected so far, the blade edges were dyed red. This change of color further increased Psycho's lust for blood during battle and always gets excited whenever he looks at Megalo & Don.

Abilities and PowersEdit

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