Mia Ceara is the cook of the Steel Rod Pirates.


Mia is average height and slender. She has short lavender hair. She wears a revealing purple and pink blouse, a pink skirt, a belt, white stockings, and knee high boots. She also carries a knife strapped to her leg. She has her ears pierced and usually wears some jewelry, like a necklace and a few rings. There is also a whip she carries on her belt as her main weapon.


Mia is kind, light-hearted, adventurous, and a little ditzy. She is always looking for new and exciting cuisine to make for her crew members. She has a tendancy, however, to make weird food that she thinks will taste good, though it usually turns out to be an "aquired taste." She has great respect for food and takes her job very seriously, believing that her role is one of the most vital positions in the crew, as she must always be sure to put the crew's well-being before anything else. She is also a man chaser, always looking for attractive guys and trying to win their affections usally by trying to act sexy, often to no avail.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mia is a whip and knife user. She can attack at superhuman speeds which gives her an advantage when using either her long distance weapon (whip) or her short distance weapon (knife). The whip is her primary weapon, as she has mastered it, but she is also very proficient with her knife, and uses it often enough.


Mia grew up on Kyuka Island, where she was taught to be a gourmet chef.

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