• Midnight Pre time skip
  • Midnight post time skip

Age: 16 (Pre-Time skip)

18 (Post-Time skip)

Blood type: O+
Birthdate: 6/7
Height: 5 feet 4 inchs
Weight: 140lbs
Island of Origin: n/a

Epithet: hell girl/Forest girl(by the towns people on the island she lived on)

Crew: Silver Wind Pirates
Family: n/a
Current Bounty:75,000,000


Bounty History

1st Bounty:75,000,000

Reason:Helping the Silver wind pirates, and for blowing up 2 war ships.

Real reason for bounty, Knowing something and for having a power the WG wanted.

Dream:To find anwers/to find a place to belong/to see the world
Page created by: Caring16


Midnight is a member of the Silver Wind Pirates. She became a member after the Marines killed her cat-fater and fighting the marines. She is very thankful towards Corey and will fight for him. She thinks of Corey as a older brother type of guy.


For the most part Midnight wears the same kind of clothes. Shirts with little to nothing on them and shorts with flowers on them. She wears a hair band on her right arm so she can put her hair up when she goes into battle. Sometimes Midnight sometimes has a flower in her hair but it ends up getting thrown away. She has blue eyes and a scar under the right eye from when she was younger. She always has a sword on her and she uses it when she feels like the emeny is to weak. She always has 2 bags on her and carrys her stuff in them and she will get mad if anyone trys to touch them. She is skinny for her age and doesn't look like she knows how to fight. Theres a running gag that the enemys find out to late that she knows how to fight. She does have something on her left leg all the time and if she can't find something she will take a pen and draw something a moon most of the time. She is shorter then the people she meets and always has to look up when talking to them.

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