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Midnight Island
300px-Muramasa at Koga Lake
Japanese Name: 真夜中 島
English Name: Midnight Island
Region: South Blue


Midnight Island is made up of several metallic sky scrapers with small villages surrounding it.

Land of Midnight

Inside the Tree


For many years, Midnight Island was led by Jashimo he led 's forces against Mikino Island during the Second Island War betweem the two islands. Despite the fact that Jashimo had a huge presence on the battlefield, such that he slaughtered an entire Mikino platoon Midnight Island lost the war. Midnight has adopted a heavy isolationist policy because of this, leading the village's defences to be abnormally impenetrable. Even Jashimo, despite his strength was paranoid and constantly feared being assassinated and as such was rarely seen in public.

During the Third Island War, a group from Midnight began advocating peace. When their group became large and popular enough, seeing this as a threat to his rule, Jashimo allied with Jeiko of Mikino Island to have them eliminated. Jashimo lured them to an ambush by claiming to be interested in their ideas and Gonzoj, the group's public leader was killed. Death D. Ashura tried to take revenge on Jashimo, but succeeded only in killing the other Island warriors present as well as all of Jeiko's Tree personnel as both men escaped the slaughter.

Death D. Ashura, adopting the alias of Red-Eye, soon began a civil war within Midnight. Red-Eye eventually single-handedly killed Jashimo as well as everyone even remotely affiliated with him. He similarly slaughters any remnants loyal to Jashimo that tried to sneak back into the village to assassinate him. Red-Eye's effectiveness has caused the villagers of Midnight to regard him as a god. The people of Midnight began to refer to Red-Eye as "Lord Red-Eye"

Knowledge of Midnight's civil war was not common outside of the village, and the fate of Jashimo himself was completely unknown to the point that other villages believed him to still be in charge. Because Red-Eye uses the village as his base of operations for his crew who would lead the smaller villages.



Its architecture is composed of several metallic skyscrapers with rowed ducts connected to them and mazy power lines surmounting. A number of smaller villages also surround. The main village is called Midnight.




Village Ruler

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