Midnight Pirates
Main Ship: Small boat
Captain: Kawamata Sai
Total Bounty: Bsymbol23,000,000


A very new crew who loves adventure.

They are almost fully nocturnal and love the moonlight.

Jolly RogerEdit

Flag v2
The Jolly Roger is a normal skull and crossbones layout with a crecent shape of a moon on the face and spiked joint ends on the crossbones.

Crew MembersEdit

The crew is a very small crew of currently only 2.

Captain: Kawamata Sai (20,000,000 beri bounty)

First Mate and Cannoneer: Alek (3,000,000 beri bounty)

Crew StrengthEdit

They are both very strong fighters that can keep up in a fight againts most other pirates and marines.


Their bountys are relitivly low because of how new the crew is.

Kawamata Sai 20,000,000 Bsymbol bounty

Alek 3,000,000 Bsymbol bounty

Relationships amongst the CrewEdit

Sai and Alek are very good friends who enjoy to joke with each other.


To have a great adventure!

Allies and Traveling CompanionsEdit


Sai set out on a small boat and started looking for Alek. He met him at a recruitment meeting that Sai set up. At first they disagreed on somethings, but they eventually got to know each other and are now great friends.

Locations visitedEdit


Crimes/Events commited


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