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This crew just banned together to save their own skins. It has a crew of 12 or well thats how many they satrted off with. They might not always have the best for people at heart but their number one motto is: AS long as their is a sea blue as the ocean, Opon this ship their will be no killing! Anyone who breaks our rule we will cast aside for the navy!"



It all begins at a marine base prison. This was the act called order369963 or project resurection, which was to turn men who were weak into strong brave warriors of the marines. Well that was pretty stupid. Why would prisoners become part of the people who capture them. Anyway their was an insident with a pirate crew called , Kings of blue sea, that got 42 inicent bystanders to help out this kid who was being bullied by the captain. Six days after that incident the 42 bystanders where arrested by the marrines because the captain apparently lied and pointed aat all of the bystanders and said they were the pirates. Two months passed by and all prisoners were sent to Impel down (Just because it was so quite at the 6th level since Luffy broke almost all of the out.) for experimenting on.


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