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Minato D. Foster
Manga - Anime

Minato Time Skip

Japanese Name: みなとD.フォスター
Romanized Name: Minato D. Fosutā
English Name: Minato D. Foster
First Appearance: Father and Son Reunite! Challenges in Konomi
Affiliations: Bucket Hat Pirates;
Demon Clan (Unofficial)
Occupations: Shipwright; Pirate
Epithet: Tour Guide (ツアーガイド Tsuāgaido?);
Strong Demon (強力悪魔 Kyōryokuna Akuma?)
Japanese VA: Akira Ishida
4kids English VA: Greg Ayres
Funi English VA: Josh Keaton
Age: 17(Debut);
19 (After timeskip)
Birthday: August 2nd
Height: 175.2cm (5'9")
Bounty: Bsymbol1050,000,000
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Josho Josho no Mi
English Name: Rise-Rise Fruit
Meaning: Increase
Type: Paramecia

"Harsh."- Minato talking to Trish.

Minato D. F is the shipwright of the Bucket Hat Pirates. When he at the devil fruit, his parents gave him up to an orphanage. WHen he turned 13, he was adopted by Spark D. Bobby, Sulfur's father. Later, he and his foster father joins the crew.


He's an average size, slightly muscular young man. He wears a regular black striped t-shirt and black pants with sandles. He has spiky orange hair and brown eye's. He wears a grey jacket with a skull design in the front. Also has skull markings on his wrisrbands. Wears black shoes.

After the time skip, He gets rid of his old look and try something new to impress Trish. His hair grew and was dyed his hair white almost looking like Nijuu (Sulfurs mental brother). He was a red t-shirt under a black jacket. Also he wears a red vest over the black jacket. He also wears brown pants and is bare foot. He was also given the Mark of the Demon, it was put on the left side of his neck.