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<p> The Moon Pirate's are a gourp of Pirates who all have different dreams and they all join for different reason.

They all use a type of weapon or fighting their all got their Strengths and wearkness


Captain:Luna Rogue

First mate:Jaden Freedom


Nurse:'Rose Flora

Pet:Lumina (Weird pink cat)

Archeaologist:Chaos Dragon

Sniper\Lookout:Zero Bec

Spy:Dusk Dawn

Mechanic:Alex Gadget

Weapon expert:Silver Shiny

Apprentice:Yuma Cage


The Moon Pirates were formed by a girl call Luna Rogue with her first mate Jaden Freedom They work with each other on a ship they call the Moon's Heart their name the Moon pirates comes from the captain name Luna When they Stop by Rock cover a set of gurds were their Luna and Jaden lost the fight luckly most of the gurds went to look for the ship and Luna and Jaden were helped by A girl call Rose Flora who is a nurse helped them by geting Dr Lancelot


Bounties Dead or Alive Luna Rouge 2,000,000 Jaden Freedom 1,000,000 Dr. Lancelot 1,000,000 Rose Flora 1,000,000 Lumina 500,000 Chaos Dragon 1,000,000 Zero Bec 1,000,000 Dusk Dawn 1,000,000 Alex Gaget 1,000,000 Silver Shiny 1,000,000 Yuma Cage 1,000,000 Dreams Luna Rogue To find the person who framed her farther Jaden Freedom To be known as the greatest pirate to live Dr Lancelot To find a cure for blindness Rose Flora To find love Lumina To be known as the worlds smartest ainmals Chaos Dragon To be the best Archaeologist in the world Zero Bec To see the whole world Dusk Dawn To find her twin brother Alex Gaget To make somthing that eveyone will get Silver Shiny To be a weapon teacher Yuma Cage To be the most skill fighted pirate ever to live Chapter's Chapter 1 the Moon pirate's Chapter 2 Call the Dr Chapter 3 Get away from rock cover


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