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Muku Muku no Mi

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Japanese Name: むくむくの実
English Name: Skin Skin Fruit
Meaning: Skin (Outer Layer or disguise)
Type: Paramecia
Power: Create realistic and clever disguises

Eaten By: Joudan Gauntlet

Previously eaten by: Joudan

Story / Creator: MugiwaraBaka copyFoolishMortalFOOL


Muku Muku no Mi (lit. Skin-Skin Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to disguise himself as anyone or anything by creating a skin (outer layer) from living or non-living objects that he has touched before and then, wear them. The disguises that are created from using this ability, have the same exact appearance, texture, and hardness lof the thing that the user is trying to disguise as. It was previously eaten by Joudan. Currently, it was eaten by the Joudan Gauntlet, a steel armored glove made out of Joudan's left metal robotic arm.

Appearance Edit

The Muku Muku no Mi looks like a red sphere-shaped cactus with blue spikes and green swirls.

Usage Edit

Strengths Edit

The strength of this fruit

Weaknesses Edit

The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. He can only create disguises of living and non-living things that had touched before. The disguises that he created is unfortunately paper-thin and can easily be damaged which would cause the disguise to disperse.


Joudan's TechniquesEdit







Hoodwink: Unveil!:


Pinata Finale:

Guddo Rakku's TechniquesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Muku is the Japanese verb for "to skin". As a pun, it also means in noun form, purity.
  • This is the first recorded case of a Paramecia devil fruit consumed by an inanimated object.

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